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Your HOBBIT holiday price

From £12o per night or £717 per week (7 nights)

Your holiday price is for the entire space, not per person. It includes a bowl of fresh, local & seasonal fruit (local when possible), basics for cooking (oil, fresh & dried herbs & spices), beverages (various teas, fairtrade, fresh & instant coffee & organic hot chocolate), wood for the fire and a wee welcome treat for you to enjoy!


Inclusive & Ethical

Hobbit Hideaway strives to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Our future plan is to create a “cash pot” to offer significantly reduced price breaks for those in need of respite & recuperation who genuinely can’t afford it.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical and responsible business. Protecting and preserving the natural environment is just as important to us as being inclusive and actively supporting our local community. We working closley with local charities Get Rugged and Friendly Access and have an ethical purchasing policy. Our soaps for example are purchased from COPE Ltd a social enterprise based in Shetland. Our electricity is sourced from a 100% renewable energy supplier Bulb, our water is from fresh springs and all wood used for the fire is sustainably collected by ourselves. We re-use, recyle and re-purpose whenever possible and have an Access Statement and Green Policy to cover every aspect of running our business.